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The Thin Man

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The Thin Man by Dashiell Hammett is a noir style murder mystery taking place soon after Prohibition in New York City. The book starts out with Nick in a bar, meeting Dorothy (the daughter of an old client). With that meeting Nick is reluctantly dragged into the mess that is the Wynant Family. Clyde Wynant hasn't been seen for a couple monthes, which isn't unusual for the eccentric inventor, but becomes a problem when his mistress ends up dead and he is accused of the murder. This book takes you on a chase from high-rise apartments to grungy speakeasies as Nick tries to avoid being drawn into the mess, and then tries to clear his name as a third body is found.

Dorothy, the youngest, claims to be looking for her father to get back in touch with him. She is very dramatic, and I really can't tall you how much of what she tells Nick is the truth or fiction. Gilbert, the oldest, doesn't have any particular reason to look for their father. He is very scientifical, and he is asking odd questions & doing experiments to further his knowledge. Mimi, the ex-wife, is as dramatic as her daughter, and also prone to violence. I'm not sure just what her relationship with Nick is, they both make comments to the effect he can't stand her, but when she insinuates the had an affair when he was working for Mr. Wynant, Nick doesn't say anything. Adding to this odd crew is Nora, Nick's wife who spends most of the book getting him drinks and babying Dorothy; Guild, the policeman in charge of investigating the murders; MacCaulay, Wynant's accountant/lawyer; and slew of other minor characters.

This is told in first person, which I don't usually care for. I did like this because while being first person, you aren't treated to Nick's inner monolouge.
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